Apr 12

HP 2035N keeps printing on Vista,windows7 and server 2008

HP 2035n is really good printer, however there is one issue  which keeps printing over  and over same page under vista, windows 7, and Windows 2008 as print server.

Here is the way to fix it up


First install the printer, but DO NOT test a print page.  Then  Go to printer settings on Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers

right click on HP Printer go to printer properties, and tab to PORT, highlight your port and hit Configure port


On the new screen you will have to check 3 points

1- Click on LPR

2-Give a name for Queue Name

3-LPR Byte Counting Enabled


That`s all. your printer should be good and stop printing over and over again,

Hope It helps





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